Google acquires the most, Apple hasn’t bought big (until now)

By August 6, 2014Exits

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Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint ventures posted this table as part of a long analysis of M&A by leading tech companies over the last 15 years. Here are the takeaways:

  • Google comes out as the most prolific acquirer by far, with almost twice the number of acquisitions per year as Facebook who sit behind them.
  • Most surprising for me was that with the exception of the $3bn acquisition of Beats (which is missing from the analysis above) Apple hasn’t paid more than $390m for a company in the last 15 years. Beats may be a one off, or their acquisition strategy may be changing under Tim Cook. One to watch.
  • Of particular interest to us as an ecommerce investor is that Amazon is the most infrequent acquirer. Other data in the post shows that the bulk of their acquisitions fall in the $100-300m range.


  • yeah. it’s an interesting point.

  • wait. what i meant to say – is apple has done tons of acquisitions and if you included the rumoured ones a fair number in Europe. I heard they picked up a voice rec company in december, IMsense (HDR company) a couple of years ago and ifthe rumour mill is true, also Acunu. (Heard anything about that).

    they seem, in general, to buy core technologies they can leverage across all their platforms.

    I don’t think they have bought anything that brings them ‘distribution’ or ‘new markets’.Beats as you say stands out….