Lost My Name on Dragons’ Den


Ever wondered how much of a difference it makes going on Dragons’ Den?

Our portfolio company Lost My Name found when they pitched their magical children’s book to the Dragons whilst I was away on holiday last week. You can see the relevant section of the show in the YouTube clip below with realtime analytics super-imposed in the corner of the screen. At the start of their pitch they had 36 users on the site and by the end they were up to nearly 13,000, and they sold thousands of extra books. Additionally the longer term benefits of the brand exposure are still to come.

However, none of this comes without risk. It worked out well for Lost My Name who walked away with a £100,000 investment from Piers Linney at the highest valuation ever seen on the show, but that might not have happened. The Dragons might not have liked the company and even if founders Asi and David pitched flawlessly there was a chance that final edit portrayed them badly. We thought long and hard about these risks before deciding to go on the programme. Fortunately it worked out.

If you’re now wondering what it felt like to be there check out David’s story from the inside.


  • darrenjsmith

    Great watch! Enjoyed that. Some nice negotiation.

  • Cheers Darren

  • Fabio De Bernardi

    Good luck to them (and broader team) in making this the next Moshi Monster 🙂

  • Some nitpicking – was going to order two or three books for friends to benefit from the incremental discounts. But I wasn’t able to put multiple shipping addresses (unless my brain was switched off). I ended up buying only one for now. Surely there ought to be one address per book?

  • Hi Pedro – I’m sorry for the bad experience and thanks for the feedback. I will pass it onto the company.

  • Asi_Sharabi

    Hi Pedro. It’s a known issue / use case and a known pain for eCommerce. We’ll look at it in future iteration of our new website that will be launched soon. For the time being, if you’re still interested, please go ahead and create two separate orders, then email me to [email protected] and I’ll refund you the sum of the discount for multiple order. I hope this helps.