Startups: make your sites responsive

Google has upped the intelligence of it’s mobile search and now indicates when sites won’t render well on a mobile device. It’s a short step from there to not putting those sites in the top search results. This comes in the year when Google expects mobile search volume to pass desktop search volume, and makes it clear to me – responsive design is the only option for startups now. That can be difficult when resources are tight but without responsive design half of search queries won’t find you. The result: your V1 website is much less likely to get the traffic you need and you will have a hard time knowing whether your idea is working.

I’m sure that many of you have been building responsive sites for some time, but we have now reached the point where for the vast majority of startups there is no sensible alternative – and that includes B2B startups.

  • Stuart Brameld

    completely agree, and with responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap/Foundation etc and companies like Webflow (who I believe are really changing the game) it requires a lot less resource than most people think.

  • For e-commerce sites responsive is doubly important taking into consideration conversion rates and the need to leverage such increasing mobile traffic to sales. Thanks for such great info.