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Scaling user growth: don’t bank on partnerships

By July 9, 2014 5 Comments

Andrew Chen has a great post up detailing the ways to scale user growth. He lists the four (paid, viral, SEO, sales – for B2B) and then ‘other’ in which he says:

There’s the odd partnership, like Yahoo/Google, that can help make or break a startup – but these are rare and situational. But sometimes it happens!

Partnerships are seductive because they promise big returns based on little work, once the deal is closed. Moreover the big company you are talking to is probably promising big things. However, as Andrew says, they rarely come off. Usually the deal doesn’t close, even after endless meetings, and then the next most common outcome after that is the deal is signed but for some reason doesn’t deliver the promised growth.

Almost without exception the right strategy is put in the hard graft to find a paid, viral, SEO or sales route to market think of partnerships as a small effort high risk/high reward endeavour. If partnerships look like the most viable way to grow then it’s probably time to look again at the fundamentals.

Finally, if you got this far (or even if you haven’t) then you should go read Andrew’s post in full. His advice on how to balance non-scalable customer acquisition with scalable acquisition at the early stages is spot on.