eCommerce investment growing rapidly

By June 10, 2014 No Comments

I’m loving CBInsights at the moment. They keep churning out great data. The latest is this chart showing growth in eCommerce investment:

Internet-ecommerce-total-funding-0913 (1)

This is a good growth story. Ordinarily I would say that the 2011 peak suggests otherwise, but 2011 was the year of the Groupon clone frenzy and we can safely regard it as an anomaly. The growth in investor interest in ecommerce is driven by the growth in the underlying ecommerce market, and that underlying growth has legs, as I’ve blogged before.

In 2012-013 the UK accounted for 4% of the global total, up from 2% in 2010-2011. That means ecommerce investment here is running at around $258m per year.