Welcoming Matt Buckland to Forward Partners – our new Head of Talent

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I’m very pleased to let you know that Matt joined us this week as Head of Talent. We like to think of ourselves as a catalyst for startup success and a key part of that is helping our portfolio companies build out great teams. That means helping them find great people – from co-founders through to first hires and early team members – and then (possibly more importantly) helping them to become great at hiring in their own right. This help with hiring is one of a suite of tools and services our companies can choose to take advantage of.

Matt has built out teams and hiring strategies for a range of great companies, including Facebook, SecretSales and Criteo. In short he has been out there in the field and will help our companies execute and learn recruitment, including identifying job requirements, hiring efficiently, interviewing well and developing talent plans.

And on top of that he’s a magician. For real.