Venture Capital

IPOs made 2013 a bumper year for exits

VentureBeat just published a high level analysis of the US VC industry in 2013. It’s based on Pitchbook data. Here are the key points:

  • Total exits were a whopping $56.5bn
  • Hot IPO markets were a key driver – 107 companies listed, the most since 2007
  • M&A was down – presumably because companies went public instead of selling
  • 1,814 investors had an exit (if you’re an investor and you didn’t have one you’d want to ask yourself why)
  • The number of deals was down c10% at 6,185 whilst the amount invested was up c7% at $50bn – valuations were up across the board
  • Funds raising less than $50m led fundraising, 73 first time funds closed, and the time spent fundraising dropped by three months (I like that one 🙂 )

It looks like the IPO markets have closed so I would expect a swing back to M&A this year. The other trends I expect to continue. The picture this side of the Atlantic is pretty similar.