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The ideal length of subject lines, tweets, etc.

By April 7, 2014 April 14th, 2014 2 Comments

If content marketing is your game then Buffer just published some great data for you: The ideal length of everything online. Here’s the short version

  • Tweets: 100 characters
  • Blog post headlines: 6 words (I just chopped three words of the title of this post…)
  • Email subject line: 28-39 characters
  • URLs: 8 characters
  • Youtube videos: 3 minutes
  • Presentation videos: 18 minutes

They also say that blog posts should be 1,600 words/7 minutes, but they draw on data from Medium which has made great long form articles a feature of the site. I suspect that on blogs like this one shorter is better. That’s certainly the feedback I get. I aim for around 400 words (shorter today because no time….).

If you are interested in the ‘why’s’ and ‘wherefore’s’ then check the original post which quotes lots of supporting research.

Here’s a graphic to illustrate, including a few items that didn’t make my summary.