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Looking for a Talent Manager to join Forward Partners

By March 12, 2014 No Comments

We’re hiring again! If you’re interested in joining us as a Talent Manager or knows somebody who might be then read on.

At Forward Partners we set out our stall to do much more for companies than just provide capital. I like to think of us as offering resources to entrepreneurs in four areas:

  • Help to make sure the product is aligned with customer needs
  • Help to make sure the product is of high quality (code, design, UX)
  • Help finding the first XXX customers
  • Help building a great team

All of this is in addition to strategic advice and access to our networks.

The Talent Manager will take the lead on the fourth item, helping our companies build a great team, and will also help with our own recruitment needs. The most common hires are co-founders, developers, marketers, and designers. Responsibilities will include helping companies build out a talent plan, building and maintaining a database of London’s best candidates, and managing recruitment processes. You can see more detail and apply on LinkedIn.

This is a great chance to play a key role in the success of Forward Partners and next wave of hot ecommerce companies and to learn the secrets of venture capital :).