Artificial intelligence and robotics will be massive drivers of change and opportunity over the next few years and I love looking at what leading edge robots can do. Partly it gives a sense of what will soon be in the mainstream changing our lives and partly it’s an awe inspiring reminder of how fast these technologies are developing.

First up is a video of a quadcopter which can grip a branch like a bird. At 26s it’s nice and short.

I was reminded of this second video when I saw the first. It shows two quad copters throwing and catching a pole. Look at the way the catching copter makes fine adjustments to keep the pole balanced. It’s amazing.

  • Santiago Tenorio

    Very interesting indeed. The impact that these technologies will have in the developing world will be extraordinary. From basic aid delivery to mapping, to agricultural and industrial applications.

    I’m advising a startup based in south america that deploys drones for industrial assignments such as aerial surveillance of oil&gas / mining infrastructure developments or aerial monitoring of crop health in vast farms. I’m incredibly excited with what I’ve seen. You can mount multi-spectral camera systems that can reliably measure crop health or even detect specific plant species (e.g. illicit coca crops for instance) based on the spectral patterns that different plants give off. It’s really impressive technology. Moreover, depending on the UAV system, they can be deployed to survey vast areas day and night at a fraction of the cost of piloted aircrafts. There’s ton of potential in terrain mapping and high-resolution aerial photography as well.

  • Stuart Brameld
  • Interesting. Many of the most exciting use cases for drones are in the developing world.