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Have some empathy this Christmas

By December 23, 2013 One Comment

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you had a great year, and thanks for reading The Equity Kicker.

I’m going to leave you with a short video and some thoughts on empathy, which Google defines as:

1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy is a great thing to possess. In my book one of the greatest. It makes you stronger and kinder as a human being, and in many professions it makes you better work. Venture capital is one of those professions.

If you want to have more empathy then check out this three minute video. It’s funny as well as instructive.

For those who skipped the video, or who weren’t taking notes, empathy breaks down into four parts:
  • The ability to see things from another person’s perspective
  • Not judging
  • Recognising emotion in other people
  • Communicating that emotion

This breakdown is useful because as individuals we can work on improving ourselves at this level of detail, whereas simply saying ‘I want to have more empathy’ is hard to action. Not that any of these things are easy. As it says in the video choosing to  be empathetic is often a vulnerable response because it requires you to connect with something inside yourself that knows the feeling you are empathising with.