Google’s project Loon

By November 14, 2013 No Comments

I love Google for their bold innovation – driverless cars, Google Glass, but most of all Project Loon. For those that haven’t come across it Project Loon plans to bring internet connectivity to the world through a network of balloons floating twelve miles high in the upper atmosphere. These balloons will be blown around the world and navigating the winds to provide even coverage by pumping air in or out of the balloon to move up or down. Each balloon is projected to stay in the air for 100 days during which time it will circumnavigate the world three times.

As they say in the video of the launch flight below Project Loon sounds crazy, but it might just work. Either way it’s good to try. And the name makes me smile a little every time I hear it.

Look for the way they quickly get online after the balloon is launched. It’s very cool.