YouTube is now the new television

By November 13, 2013 One Comment

youtube-yt-stars-e1329353871909I just read that over 33% of viewing time on YouTube can now be attributed to videos that are 20 minutes or longer – i.e. long form content. There are now 1bn people viewing YouTube each month watching over 6bn hours of videos, so there’s a lot of TV style content being watched on the platform. Moreover, YouTube is growing fast and Google, Machinima, Maker Studios, and many others are investing heavily to bring more professional content to the platform in the hope of extending and even accelerating that growth.

Contrast that to traditional television viewing which is either flat or declining slightly depending on who you read and it is clear who the winner will be. And all this has happened before YouTube is meaningfully available on most people’s televisions.

YouTube is the new television.