Makers Academy – one year old today

By November 8, 2013 No Comments

Our portfolio company Makers Academy is one year old today. They have had a remarkable first year teaching people to code in twelve weeks (see this video I posted before for more details). As investors we are always asking people what they think about our companies and everyone loves Makers. The best feedback is from students, many of whom gush about their amazing experiences on the course.

Teaching people to code is a noble cause and these guys are nailing it. We’re proud to be involved.

Here are some of the highlights of the year (courtesy of an interview founder Rob Johnson did with trendsonline):

  • Placed students at salaries up to £35K. See a blog post here. (students go from beginners to professional developer in 12 weeks)
  • Changed the way top software agencies perceive junior developers and Makers. See blog post here.
  • Voted #1 place to learn to code by The Guardian
  • Secured partnerships with IBM, Mozilla, Skimlinks and Enternships to sponsor people to come on our course
  • Helped redress the gender imbalance in tech: the cohort graduating on Friday (today) are 45% women, which is far above the 10-15% UK average in the developer community

If you want a further read Rob posted his thoughts on their first year here.