Letters of Note published by Unbound

By October 25, 2013 One Comment

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 13.49.06I felt a real surge of pride when I was presented with a signed copy of Letters of Note at the Unbound board meeting this week. First off, the book is beautifully constructed. A real joy to hold in the hand. Then the contents are amazing too, an incredible set of letters curated by Shaun Usher. Some are funny, many are moving, and all are very interesting. My favourite is a letter from John F Kennedy carved into a coconut husk which secured his rescue from the Solomon Islands during WW2 whilst my kids liked the letter Roald Dahl sent to thank one of his fans for capturing her dream and sending it to him in a bottle. He promised to “blow it through the bedroom window of a sleeping child”.

Unbound, one of our portfolio companies, is a crowdfunding platform for authors. The traditional publishing industry is failing all but the most popular authors and it’s great that Unbound is helping books like this to see the light of day and hugely gratifying that they do so in such style.