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The Hubspot Culture Code

By October 17, 2013 One Comment

I just re-read the Hubspot Culture Code presentation embedded below. The content is great with lots of good stuff that many startups could profitably copy for themselves and on top of that it has all the sections that a good culture bible should have:

  • Definition of what a culture is and why it’s important.
  • A list of  values/principles which state the things that are important to Hubspot and define what makes them different. There is no space for items like ‘integrity’ which are important to everybody and hence meaningless.
  • They describe the characteristics of the people they want to hire, again focusing on things which differentiate between people – e.g. they look for people who are ‘remarkable’.
  • They give guidance on how to deal with difficult situations – e.g. should you hire someone to fill a crucial skills gap who doesn’t fit with the culture? (Answer ‘No. Hires like this create culture debt, and the interest on cultural debt is crushingly high.’