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Slide from yesterdays FIP event: TV advertising for online businesses

By September 6, 2013 No Comments

Yesterday Forward Investment Partners (FIP) hosted an event on the TV advertising for our portfolio companies and close friends. We hired a room for around 70 people in the Radisson Blu on Bloomsbury St, collected some interesting data and organised presentations so that the audience could learn more about how online companies are using TV advertising to acquire customers and build brand.

Props go to Cem Guralp who has been working with us to organise the event which came off really well.

We collected data and insights on TV spend from ten companies, anonymised it and presented it in the slides embedded below. From my perspective the main takeaway from the event is that TV can be used successfully as a direct response channel to acquire customers, and increasing numbers of online businesses are doing so successfully, but that it is still hard to get right.