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Science Inc – ecommerce focused startup foundry

By July 23, 2013 2 Comments

I just watched this Techcrunch TV interview with Mike Jones, CEO of Science Inc, an LA based startup foundry focused on ecommerce (apologies for not embedding it, but I couldn’t make it work – any ideas welcome). As I see it, along with Betaworks, Science is one of the top two startup foundries in the US and it is interesting to note the things that Mike thinks are important to say when he describes what he was up to.

  1. Science is theme/sector oriented. Mike made this point several times during the six minute interview. Currently they are focused on “marketing technologies, market places, and developing commerce brands”, which was also described as creating “great products and brands” and “great experiences for consumers”. Stepping up a level, Mike also said they have a method for identifying interesting market segments. Betaworks has a similar approach. They were initially focused on the real-time social web and more recently they have shifted to focus on the distribution, consumption and maybe creation of media.
  2. Science seeks to work with the best entrepreneurs they can find with interest and ideas in their chosen sectors, offering a package of technology, expert resources, company building tactics and office space. Again, this is similar to Betaworks.

Science has been going for two years now and Betaworks for five years. I’m thinking there is a lot in this model that we might like to emulate here at Forward Labs.