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Bringing design thinking to early stage investment

By July 19, 2013 8 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 09.33.05This graphic comes from a post on Venture Village about design thinking for startups but it should apply equally to investment companies.

Here at Forward Labs we are continuing to iterate and develop our investment product to make it more attractive to entrepreneurs. We offer a bundle of strategic advice, development services, marketing support, design advice, product management, office space and cash that are designed to dramatically increase the chances of an entrepreneur succeeding and we ask for an equity stake in his or her company in return.

I think we are doing well on a number of these design principles already, but there are a couple we could do much better on, mot notably making the product easy to understand. Exactly what is in the bundle?

Beyond highlighting areas that need fixing this framework is useful tool to make sure we are doing as well as we can across all aspects of our product design.