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Growth hacking tip from the experts: Anyone can do it

By July 4, 2013 3 Comments

Last night my friend Chris Morton tweeted a link to 13 critical lessons from over 50 growth hackers. I like this one:

9. Growth is not rocket science

Growth can seem mysterious and hidden, a tool to be wielded by only the Silicon Valley elite. In reality, growth is within the grasp of mortals. Growth is a mixture of good people, the good data they use, the good decisions they make, and the good advice they receive. Growth is part common sense, part creativity, part hustle, and sometimes, part luck. Growth is improbable, but always possible.

In other words, it’s science rather than art and we can all do it. That said, there’s no point unless you have a good product (no. 12 on the list). Now go read the other eleven points and get to it :).