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Amazing customer service from Scalextric

By June 25, 2013 No Comments

Whilst I was away in India Scalextric applied the finishing touch to an awesome piece of customers service. Fiona and I bought a digital Scalextric set for our son Stanley on his fifth birthday some eighteen months ago. (For those that don’t know, digital Scalextric is like normal Scalextric except that there is an extra button on the controller which allows the car to change lanes on special track pieces and that you can race up to six cars at a time, still on two tracks. All very cool.) When we got the set out in March this year it wasn’t working. I found a troubleshooting guide online and eventually narrowed the problem down to the power unit. We were out of warranty and I nearly bought a replacement, but at the last minute I decided to email Scalextric customer service. To my delight and amazement they offered to send me a new power unit at no charge.

That would have been pretty amazing on its own, but things got better still when the new power unit didn’t work.

At that point I emailed Scalextric again and they gave me a Freepost address and asked me to send the power unit and the controllers to them for testing. I did that and put the cars in as well. Two to three weeks later they sent everything back to us. The fault turned out to be with the controllers, which they replaced. They also gave the cars a service too, replacing the brushes and doing some minor repairs.

That was great work and deserves recognition. Hence the post. One minor quibble is that I’d have liked to have more emails from them explaining what was going on, but that’s a minor complaint in the context of what they did for me.