An indication of job creation by VC backed companies

VC job creation_2

Inn0vation Matt3rs have analysed jobs listings by European VC backed companies by looking at the data on Ventureloop.com. There were nearly 1,500 jobs posted in the last seven weeks, which would mean c11,000 over the course of the year if that rate was maintained. These are jobs listings which I guess are a little higher than jobs filled, but the order of magnitude should be right.

To put these numbers into context, job creation schemes in Wales target 4,000 new jobs per year in the region, and the flagship English scheme expects to create 41,000 jobs over a number of years at an average cost of £33k per job.

I think that means the venture industry, and therefore the entrepreneurs we back, are making a meaningful contribution to job creation. I’m proud to be a part of that.