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Data to inform hyper local advertising

By April 17, 2013 No Comments

Mobile ads GPS study: How far will you drive for a deal? (infographic)

I love it when I come across data like this. The chart shows how far people will drive to get to a business in a bunch of different places in the US. It’s no great shock to find that in major cities people are less willing to travel – they have more options close by – but I bet there aren’t many mobile ad campaigns that factor this insight into account. The data, collated by navigation services company Telenav and reported on Venturebeat, also found that people will drive further to visit restaurants and malls than sandwich and coffee shops.

The really fun thing about data like this is that you can extrapolate to form a bunch of other hypotheses. For example, I would guess that the closer you get to the centre of a city the shorter the distances that people will travel, and that in general distance travelled will correlate with time and money spent.

I guess I enjoy this sort of analysis because it informs my view of how the world works which helps with my personal life, but is a real help with investing where I need to form views about what products will work in what markets on the back of very little data.