Chance for UK startups to pitch to New York investors

By March 6, 2013Uncategorized

Brian Frumberg, My friend and venture partner at our sister fund DFJ Gotham is organising a pitch event for UK startups to meet New York investors. Knowing Brian, it will be a good one. Details below.


  • VentureOutNY is Seeking UK Tech Startups to Pitch NYC Venture Investors
  • Date: April 8, 2013
  • Where: New York, NY
  • Description
    • VentureOutNY, in partnership with the TCIO and UKTI, is seeking British tech startups interested in raising capital and promoting their brand throughout New York City as part of their April 8th “British Tech Invasion” event. VentureOutNY is a NYC-based nonprofit helping international startups accelerate into the New York market. Details about the event and how to apply can be founder at
  • Question I would have is if they are based in NYC and take a board seat, does this distance relationship really work out. A transatlantic fund makes more sense to me where VCs have a local presence (benefit of better capability to scale along with practical board meetings). An obstacle we have found however is after we narrow down by domain, transatlantic presence, and funding round there are few fish in the pond. Can’t have it all 🙂

  • A New York investor would be helpful for companies looking to build sales in the US or to move to the US. Distance investing is more difficult though.