Designing for viral growth

By February 7, 2013Consumer Internet

I don’t post many infographics here, but this is a great one. It covers concepts like the viral co-fficient and time through the viral loop and lists out a bunch of tactics for increasing virality. None of this stuff is new, but this list is comprehensive and it’s great to have it in one place.

Additionally, not many businesses have the characteristics that make viral growth a possibility and the other thing I like about this infographic is that it can be used as a kind of check list to establish whether viral growth is a possibility.

Design for Viral Growth by Digital Telepathy

How to Design for Viral Growth by Digital Telepathy, a user experience design studio.
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  • Morgan Brown

    Hi Nic,

    Thanks so much for sharing this and your kind words. We really appreciate it. You’re right, it’s not really new, but what we found is that none of this stuff is really in one, easy to reference place. Pulling it all together was really the impetus for the graphic. Thanks again!


  • My pleasure. I should really be saying thank you!

  • Hi Nic,

    As Morgan said, a great infographic. Thanks for sharing. It is a great tick-list for organisations.

    I find the whole concept of viral marketing odd. Fact is that only the audience decide what goes viral and what doesn’t. I far too often hear marketeers and their bosses ask for content to go viral.

    I have worked with organisations whose culture was stale and slow. By helping them understand digital and social, and more importantly, people, some have developed a culture where they can be fleet of foot and nimble. This has enabled them to generate content that goes viral, both within their community and outside.

    Thanks for the share!