From evolutionary biology to the attention economy–fantastic short intro video from Jason Silva

A MIND MADE FOR MATING! by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo.

This ninety second video from Jason Silva is a wild and entertaining intro to a range of ideas from evolutionary biology to the attention economy. Jason’s brilliance, and my reason for posting, is that he takes important but complicated ideas and makes them fun and accessible (The Singularity Hub describes Jason as a ‘modern day beat poet’). This video combines a great and well delivered script with expansive imagery and pulsating background music to create a truly enjoyable experience. I was literally laughing out loud by the end.

Here’s a summary of the central thesis:

  • The staring point is Geoffrey Miller’s hypothesis that the brain evolved as a courtship device (our peacock feather) to help us transmit our genes
  • Then, with advent of human culture we evolved from a world of spreading our genes to spreading our memes
  • So evolutionary success is now about how far our memes travel – i.e. we trade in the currency of attention
  • Therefore, if you want to understand life ‘don’t think about throbbing gels and oozing liquids, think about information technology’

Watch, enjoy, share.

  • Thank you. Am just about to talk about the evolution of the Bower bird. Having a reference to Geoffrey Miller is great.

  • brianfrumberg

    Nic, thanks for passing this on. Just finished watching Jason’s “We are the Gods Now” speech from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. I find him addicting… the ideas he discusses are riveting and I found myself thinking about it late last night and I’m blown away by his ability to rattle off as many quotes and references as he does in such a short amount of time. He seems to distill so much from so many sources, delivering a real smack in the face with his “shots of philosophical espresso”.

  • Totally. His delivery is very powerful.

  • Hey Nic. Did you get the chance to see his other videos like the one called Inspiration? Awesome stuff.

  • I’ve seen a few. Not sure about Inspiration.