Opportunities around the video space

By January 9, 2013TV

The long heralded shift in viewing away from traditional television towards new services, formats, and devices is now well underway. People are watching the same content via newish services like Netflix and Lovefilm, they are watching new types of content on Youtube and they are increasingly doing all this viewing on mobiles and tablets and on traditional TVs via new delivery devices, particularly games consoles and devices like Apple TV. If you are interested in the next level of detail then take a look at this post from the Singularity University, and this Youtube video of a Nielsen presentation on TV stats.

I’m posting all this today because the stats in the chart below are very striking. Further, in the two years since they were authored these trends have accelerated.

Now that these shifts are firmly established the opportunity for startups is to make the ecosystem work better. Re-imagining TV advertising to work in this new medium is one obvious area of opportunity. Content discovery is another.

  • brianfrumberg

    This couldn’t be more timely Nic. Did you hear last week that Netflix will be debuting the new season of cult favorite Arrested Development (http://ow.ly/gQuvy )? The spit is still dripping down the face of Fox. And if you’ve never seen the show, you should change your ways.

  • I did hear that. Netflix brought in the first generation of change – same content new delivery model. The second generation may be different content..