Interesting stats show Facebook mobile ads are working, especially on Android

By January 8, 2013 One Comment

There was a good round up of Facebook mobile advertising stats on Techcrunch yesterday, culled from a number of different sources. These are the highlights:

  • 20% of ad spend on Facebook now goes to mobile, from a standing start last March and up from 14% since October
  • 71% of ad spend targeted to phones goes to Android
  • 97% of ad spend targeted to tablets goes to iOS
  • Facebook mobile ads currently command a 70% premium over desktop ads

These are impressive stats and go a good way to answering critics who thought that Facebook would struggle with mobile – both in transitioning users and from a monetisation perspective. Financial analysts have noticed and the share price is now headed towards $30 – a level not reached since the IPO.

There are some interesting nuggets in the detail too:

  • Advertisers are paying a premium for mobile ads because they are performing better – particularly ads promoting Facebook pages and app install campaigns
  • But, the improved performance might only be because there are fewer ads per page, and they take up a larger portion of the screen
  • And, the improved performance might not last if the mobile feed starts to feel too saturated with ads. Ad formats often perform well when they are new and then performance declines when the novelty wears off.
  • The high Android percentage for mobile phones may be because Android offers better tracking than iOS rather than because Android usage is higher