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New study: Britain leads the world in mobile data consumption, m-commerce and internet TV

By December 13, 2012 No Comments

New research from Ofcom has found that Britain leads the world in usage of several key technologies:

  • Most likely to access TV content over the internet: 23% of us do so every week (USA is second with 17%)
  • Use more mobile data: In Dec 2011 the average mobile connection downloaded 424 megabytes of data (Japan was second with 392 megabytes)
  • Spend more money online: Average per head spending on ecommerce in 2011 was £1,082 (Australia was second with £842)

This data isn’t only important for bragging rights and chest-beating at conferences. It also gives us an idea of the areas where we have the best chance of producing world beating startups. The UK is a pretty big market (7th largest in the world by GDP) and if consumers here are on the leading edge in any given area then local entrepreneurs should enjoy having both the best insights into what they will want and a large group of early adopters to go after.

It is particularly encouraging to see the lead in mobile data usage. Going back five years mobile was widely regarded as a strong area for Europe due to the strength of Nokia and the Symbian operating system, but since then Apple and Android have taken over. Hopefully there is an opportunity to reclaim the initiative (or at least some of it).