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State of the internet: Mobile and social still big growth drivers

By December 5, 2012 2 Comments

Earlier this week Mary Meeker published an update to her by now legendary internet trends presentation and Nielsen published their Social Media Report 2012. Taken together they tell us clearly that mobile and social are still growing very fast. As you can see from the charts below the mobile share of internet traffic share is up over 3x in under a year and time spent on social media is up 37% year on year to 121.1bn minutes in the month of July – I think that is a US figure.

Some highlights from the detail:

  • Pinterest’s unique visitors grew a whopping 1,047% to 27m, Google+ was the next fastest growing 80% to 26m
  • 17% of consumers’ PC time is spent on Facebook
  • Mobile apps are used nearly five times as much as mobile websites
  • 26-35% of people using their tablets as a second screen are engaging in activity related to what they’re watching – that’s much higher than I’ve seen reported in other surveys
  • 47% of social media users seek customer service over social media – predominantly via Facebook (good news for our portfolio company Conversocial)
  • 29% of US adults own a tablet/eReader, up from 2% three years ago
  • 48% of American kids want an iPad for Christmas….
  • 24% of online shopping on Black Friday 2012 was mobile (incl. tablets) with iOS dominating
  • Microsoft’s market share of operating systems is 35%, down from 96% in 1998-2005


  • Mobile will continue to grow very fast with opportunities for new apps, commerce and advertising
  • Earlier predictions (including mine) that social is getting saturated haven’t been born out – yet…..
  • First thought, build apps, not HTML5, although some HTML5 sites doing well, e.g. Pinterest which has three times as many users for its HTML5 site as its mobile app


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