Friday fun: Monkeys get wet

I saw this on Quora last night and thought you all might enjoy it.

Source: * Stephenson, G. R. (1967). Cultural acquisition of a specific learned  response among rhesus monkeys. In: Starek, D., Schneider, R., and Kuhn,  H. J. (eds.), Progress in Primatology, Stuttgart: Fischer, pp. 279-288.

There is a serious point for startup entrepreneurs here though, which is that a lot of accepted best practice stems from times when things were different. Trying to work everything out from first principles takes too long, but selectively innovating in high impact areas where best practice has become outdated is a great way to create value.

  • Funny, true and sad story ar the same time.
    I see more the morale of the story being that if you try to get the banana(value creation) the bad monkeys will beat you. So you beter make sure you are in a room with more good monkeys than bad ones so you can beat the bad monkeys.

    Also bad monkes are difficult to chnage so better put a new monkey in the room – as the old ones will never try again to get the banana.

    Also imagine there are huge watermelons all over the floor.. and yes the banana might be different and have a better taste.. however.. get beaten instead of enjoying a watermelon?.. hmm tough decision..

    True they say entrepreneurship is stupid. I guess playing poker is the same however SOME people still make money :-).

  • The main intent of this story is not the way you comprehend. When someone starts a new business the so called corporate consultants threw silos of time tested ideas to make corrections on the course of business action. However we need to choose and tailor or create the best ones to add value.

    On a lighter note: in huge functionally managed corporates, the old monkeys boss over and beat the pulp of the new ones at every level of corporate ladder, if and when a new monkey tries to bring in some value add by changing the process.