Analytics for Pinterest–what will the data show?

Things have gone a little quiet on Pinterest, after all the hype at the beginning of year and their $1.5bn valuation in May, but they are the third most popular social network (according to Experian) and according to AddThis Pinterest referral traffic across its network of 14m domains was 30% higher than Twitter for the month of May. This data echoes what we see across our portfolio and hear anecdotally.

Site owners are naturally keen to understand and optimise this new source of traffic and unsurprisingly there is now a bunch of startups that specialise in Pinterest analytics. These companies will help brands to figure out what their Pinterest traffic is worth, which will in turn determine how much the brands want to invest in the platform going forward, and ultimately whether Pinterest will find it easy or difficult to build a large revenue stream. Put differently, we will soon learn whether Pinterest’s economics will look like Facebook’s or Twitter’s.

Given the sheer scale of the referral traffic and that many of the items pinned are purchasable, my bet is that they will look more like Facebook.

What do you think?

  • Considering that most of the traffic is driven by women I think they should go for a model where the community is beneficial for each individual. They could be the future of MLM.

    This has proven to be quite efficient with women, if you think Etsy or Polyvore for example.

    This could be implemented around different areas:
    – affiliation (the person who pins gets a cut on purchase made from the pin),
    – group purchase (higher the number of buyers better the price gets),
    – interest graphs (user is retributed for its reach among a specific interest areas in which brands can be advertised on a real-time bidding model).
    Food for thoughts,Isabelle

  • Hi Isabelle – from your list I think that affiliation models where power users are able to get a cut of purchases they inspire (we have that at our portfolio company and interest graphs are the two most powerful.