American’s are embracing Over-the-top-TV – some figures

By August 3, 2012IPTV

Americans are deserting their cable providers in droves. According to reports on BGR and Comscore:

  • 400,000 US homes left their cable supplier this year (including 169,000 from Time Warner Cable and 52,000 from DirecTV in the last quarter along and 176,000 customers who left Comcast since the start of 2012)
  • 1m cancelled their cable service in 2011
  • Estimates are that the 2008-2012 total will be 3.58m

The population of the US is 311m with around 120m housesholds, so 3.6m homes cutting the chord is around 3% of the total.

The shift to OTT television has well and truly started and it isn’t surprising that in Hulu and Netflix we have two large companies in this space already.

  • It only makes sense.  All you need to do is connect any PC to your TV.  All TV shows and movies are available via Sidereel and Amazon, respectively, and sports is much better on the Internet with multiple cameras and more info.  Now, if they could only require that local stations broadcast over the “new public medium”, the Internet, instead or, or in addition to, over the air (which many people can’t get).  Then we wouldn’t even need basic cable…