Great to see Microsoft making a success of Skype

By July 20, 2012 One Comment

Many great services whither and die following acquisition and when Microsoft acquired Skype I feared the worst. It turns out I was wrong. Microsoft announced yesterday that we all made 115bn minutes of calls over Skype last quarter, a whopping 50% up on the quarter before.

They also announced an integration with Outlook which sounds pretty cool and that revenues in the division which is largely comprised of Skype were up 20%.

It is great to see Microsoft's $8.5bn acquisition of Skype working out for a number of reasons:

  • Skype is a great consumer service and it will most likely continue to get investment going forward
  • It's good news for the employees of Skype, who are mostly based in Europe, and therefore for the local ecosystem
  • Successful acquisitions beget more acquisitions