Conversocial on CNBC talking social customer service

By June 28, 2012 One Comment

Josh March, CEO of our company Conversocial was interviewed on CNBC yesterday, 4m video embedded below. Conversocial has a SaaS product which enables companies (primarily retailers at this point) to service their customers over social media and their market is really starting to open up. In this interview Josh does a great job of explaining how an increasing number of companies (including Tesco, McDonalds, Groupon, Sephora and a large percentage of the other smart and innovative ones) have understood that their customers are demanding to be serviced on Facebook and are staffing and buying software so they can give those customers what they want. The implication, of course, is that everyone else should follow, and if they do then as the leading vendor in this market Conversocial will benefit.

I’ve written before about how Conversocial conducted primary research as a PR tool, and Josh is makes good use of statistics in this interview. My favourites comes at around 2min 40s and they show the momentum at Conversocial – accounts and comments processed have both doubled since the beginning of the year to 7,416 and 106m respectively, and the total fans of pages managed using Conversocial software is up over 50% to 545m.