Smartphone screens will continue to get bigger

When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone before Christmas my biggest worry was that it was much bigger than my iPhone and it wouldn’t fit comfortably in my pocket. That hasn’t turned out to be a problem and the larger screen size has turned out to be the main reason why I love this phone. I read a lot of books and I can now do exclusively via the Kindle app on my phone. Even when I’m at home and my actual Kindle is nearby I still read on my phone. The reading experience is fine and it is easier to make notes and highlights. In contrast I found reading on my iPhone a little annoying because the screen wasn’t big enough.

I’m not the only one who likes big screens and this morning GigaOM published a piece suggesting we’ll all want a big screen phone soon. In their mind the main driver is mobile video.

Device manufacturers are stepping up to provide big screen devices too. LG announced a 5-inch full HD device last week and Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy SIII also has a 4.8inch screen.

All of this makes me wonder how big the screen will be on the next iPhone. As GigaOM points out a larger screen improves the content consumption experience, and as we know, user experience is everything to Apple. Big phones aren’t for everyone however which will leave Apple with a dilemma. Maybe they will break with tradition and ship two versions of the iPhone with different screen sizes. I would strongly consider switching back to Apple if they offer me a big screen device. Otherwise I will stay with Android.