Damm, these robots can dance!

Check out these NAO dancing robots from French company Aldebaran. If after 15-20s you think you’ve seen enough click forward to 50s and watch the robots get really funky.

There is a lot more to NAO robots than being cute. The plan is for them to be assistants round the home helping with tasks ranging from playing games to helping with the cooking. If you watch these videos you will see that there is a little way to go before you start seeing these robots for sale in your local supermarket, and the price will have to come down a little from the current €1,400, but I don’t think we are a million miles away from consumer robots taking off.

  • Hey Nic, got one at home under the developer program. They’re pretty novel in that they can be programmed to do whatever, from sensory input, which includes a camera and mic + range radar. Facial recognition and voice recognition are built in and can be used to react to different people. Special location stickers can be used on walls also to help it navigate around the house.

    Great that Aldebaran picked up the consumer robot baton from Sony, when they decided to drop the program and not commercialize the Qurio. And a surprise that it’s a French, not a Japanese company!

  • Thanks Mike. I’m looking forward to talking more about robots!

  • Have you got your NAO doing anything interesting?