Don’t get an MBA, start a company

Tony Shin emailed me about the Infographic below asking if I would share it with all of you. I said that depended on whether it was interesting. He emailed it through yesterday and I like it. I like it for the way it contrasts  the declining value of an MBA with the increasing ease of becoming an entrepreneur, and it dovetails nicely with my belief that as the world changes faster and faster the course content at most business schools is getting less useful in building startups. I still think that MBAs are useful for many people, particularly those looking to build their networks, just not necessarily for entrepreneurs.

Worth of an MBA
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  • Céd

    not sure about the claim about high school more likely to make it in the NBA vs and MBA to reach highest paid job….

  • Chris

    Ahhhh but what about all the wonderful entrepreneur courses at business


    London Business School, for example, runs plenty of summer
    schools/courses that encourage entrepreneurship and I can think of at least one
    of your portfolio that certainly passed through their doors  🙂


    I did an MBA and found it invaluable for starting my business but, and
    this is the big but, I chose all the entrepreneur courses, networked like a Muppet
    and then felt much better prepared to take the leap. 


    The fact that my business didn’t work might prove your point though!

    If you’re interested check out the link…

    there have been a lot of serious companies come out of his programmes…

  • Hi Chris – my title was a little provocative, and I was careful to say in the post that MBAs remain useful for many, including would be entrepreneurs who want to broaden their business understanding. That said, £100k buys a lot of highly targeted real world learning for those who choose to dive straight in and start a company.

  • Have a great concept, get it off the ground and somehow surround yourself with the people who have those expensive MBAs to make it work to it’s maximum capacity!

  • I think MBAs are good if you have an scholorship or if your company pays for it. But if you are paying out of pocket, I fully agree start a business, invest your money in other businesses, or something. 

  • So far, this infographics says that there is no value of MBA, this may sound good, and I agree with the statistics onLifetime Earning, that Bachelor can earn higher than MBA, it’s true for me.

  • Good point. A lot of people don’t pay for their MBA

  •  I also think and agree on this, I am impressed by this awsome information.