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Capital On Stage – the conference where VCs pitch to startups

By March 13, 2012 8 Comments

Please take a few minutes to read the passage below about the upcoming Capital On Stage conference in London. Arjen Strijker (the conference organiser) and I had a meeting of minds when we spoke last week about the importance of demystifying venture capital, it is one of the reasons I write this blog, it is why he started his conference and it is why I’m promoting it now.

One of the cool things about the conference is that it turns the normal pitching format on its head and has VCs selling to entrepreneurs. As you will see from the piece below, DFJ Esprit wasn’t present at the inaugural Capital on Stage conference in Amsterdam, but we will be at the London edition, and if you have a startup I hope you will consider applying.

What follows below the line is Arjen’s pitch for his event.



The Conference That’s Demystifying Venture Capitalism

Normally, conferences about funding are places where startups pitch to investors in the hope to get a cash injection to kickstart or accelerate their business. They mostly fail, because they don’t know what investors really want. At the same time, investors often complain that they receive so many inappropriate pitches and business plans. We wanted to change that…. 

Capital On Stage is an unconventional and invitation-only conference about funding that touches all these aspects in a refreshing way. The format is somewhat daring: 20 venture capitalists pitch themselves to 200 cherry-picked tech startup founders, instead of the reverse. During the day, it’s all about demystifying venture capital(ists) and the funding process.

The first conference was held in Amsterdam in September last year and was sold out weeks in advance and was a great success, even though most VCs needed to get used to the idea of pitching themselves. We wanted all investors to pitch on stage in less than 5 minutes, explaining about themselves, their views on the market, their added value, and what they’re really looking for. The participating VC firms included Index Ventures, Wellington Partners, Doughty Hanson, Newion Investments, Prime Ventures, Solid Ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, GIMV, Endeit, and Balderton. 

Due to the success of Amsterdam, we’re now doing a 2nd CapitalOnStage in London that will take place on Tuesday April 24 at Norton Rose headquarters, right at London Bridge. Like last time, tickets aren’t expensive for startups, but aren’t easy to get a hold of. Only founders (no employees) of Internet companies who work on a scalable product and are ready for (another round of) seed, early, A- or B round of funding are invited. Those who receive an invitation can also attend the Open Office Hours in the morning, where it’s possible to meet with the 2 investors of their choice for 15-minutes each. 

If you’re a startup and ready to get funded, apply for an invite today via our website.

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