More time is now spent on mobile than TV

By March 8, 2012 5 Comments

inmobi just surveyed 20,000 users in 18 different markets to understand how much time they spend on different media and how much they are using mobile. The results in the infographic below give an interesting snapshot of how far mobile has penetrated into our lives.

The headline figure is that more time is now spent looking at mobile phones than at televisions. PCs are still out in front.

Beyond that we see that people are making an impact in just about all areas, but there is plenty of scope for the impact to increase. E.g. 11% of people have had an in-store purchase influenced by mobile. That is a lot of people, but equally there are 89% who have yet to be touched in this way.

This already significant level of activity coupled with the massive growth rates we keep hearing about for all things mobile (e.g. mcommerce growth of 91% 2010-2011) suggests to me that we will feel the force of mobile in a big big way this year.