Roger McNamee and Mike Maples, Jr – First Wave of “Social Web” is over

Yesterday I wrote that the market for social interest sites has matured to the point where it is difficult for new entrants, and this morning I saw the slide below which says something similar.  It is one of ten predictions for 2012 from Roger McNamee and Mike Maples, two leading US VCs.  You will see that they make this prediction with only 50% confidence, which I think was lower confidence than all bar one of their other predictions.  You can find the full set of predictions here.

To me predictions are most interesting when they are controversial the more people who believe them the harder it is to make money out of them.  I think that this is one where Roger and Mike’s confidence level will be higher in twelve months and hence now is a good time to make investments in startups that help traditional companies to leverage the social web.  That is part of the reason we invested in Conversocial last year.


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  • Hi Nic,

    This is funny. I was about to comment on your yesterday’s blog-post, asking for your comments on Roger’s points, and then this new post came up. 🙂 

    He gave a great talk conveying those points at TED
    Thought other readers of yours might be interested too. He is a great speaker. 🙂



  • ☺ Thanks Josh

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