Google’s domination is total

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I was going to write about how I’m getting on with the new Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone today, but I was so gob smacked when I saw this table on AllThingsD that I had to re-blog it.

It is easy today to think of Google as slightly old hat.  The startup that everyone used to love turned monopolist that is now struggling to innovate and getting outdone by Facebook.  Whilst there is some truth in that characterisation these market share stats are a stark reminder that Google dwarfs its competitors.  In market share terms it is an order of magnitude bigger than all of its competitors bar Yahoo.

Size matters and the worlds biggest online advertising company is not just the biggest, it is continuing to grow share faster than anyone else, at least in terms of market share gross percentage points.

Beyond the growth of Facebook, which probably isn’t a surprise to anyone with a computer, the other thing that leaps out from this chart is the speed with which AOL and Yahoo are declining.  Ten years ago they were the Google’s of their day, and look at them now.

I would hazard a guess that ten years from now two or three of these players will no longer be in the top five, but given the size of the market today and the scale of market share difference it is hard to see Facebook or anyone else managing to knock Google off the top spot.

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