People watch more video on tablets than desktop

By November 21, 2011 2 Comments

I was going through my unread saves on Instapaper today and  came to this interesting chart in a Techcrunch post from earlier this month.  It shows people stay watching videos much longer on tablets and mobile than they do on desktops. Maybe not surprising in theory – but look at the extent of the difference – people are twice as likely to watch to one quarter or three quarters of the way through.

The first implication is that as tablets and mobiles continue to improve and take time and attention away from desktops and laptops video views will continue to soar.  This is good news for over-the-top TV plays and the mobile advertising ecosystem.

The second implication is that other apps and services will likely see the similar boosts in mobile usage.  Services that are ‘built for mobile from the ground up’ have been in vogue now (see Jim Breyer’s comments in this series of interviews on Techcrunch), and this tells us why.

Other interesting data in the Techcrunch post is that video plays on connected TVs tripled in Q3 and that the Android-iOS split of mobile video plays is approximately equal.

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