Heading home after our strategy offsite

By November 8, 2011DFJ Esprit

I am sat in a hotel bar in Barcelona doing email for an hour before I catch a flight home from our annual strategy offsite and I’m feeling good about the two days we just spent here.  We’ve been doing these offsites for a few years now in one form or another and this time we got the recipe about right:

  • The level of preparation was good
  • The main session yesterday was well structured and focused on our number one priority – making 8-10 great investments over the next twelve months
  • We flexed the agenda in realtime to maintain a quality conversation, dropping one entire section (to be picked up back in London)
  • We listened too each other
  • We took decisions
  • We had some fun – last night especially, and visiting the Torres Winery today
  • We had the whole team here, including our non-investing staff

As a result I think we head home with a clearer idea of how we will achieve success in the next year, a few kinks ironed out of our processes, and us all feeling stronger as a team.

Good quality face to face time is invaluable.

  • Made me slightly wistful for days gone by with the larger corporate teams we ran and the strategy and bonding sessions abroad……. but then I remembered the politics and the drivers to build my own companies and culture. Glad it works for you and your team, as entrepreneurs we always need the bedrock of the non-entrepreneurial world to feed off.