We were on Bloomberg TV

By September 28, 2011Announcement

Yesterday morning I did an interview for Bloomberg TV.  I’ve shared my thoughts on CNBC before, but this was my first time on TV with make up, and that somehow makes it more proper, don’t you think?

The piece is very short but they referenced The Equity Kicker twice.  Without doubt they were interested to have me in the studio because of this blog, and more importantly because you all read it and comment.  Without an audience and participation I would be less interesting.  That’s why I used the pronoun ‘we’ in title to this post.

  • Great to see you on camera Nic! Well done and well done too for mentioning your followers here. It’s quite apt this posting as I was having a discussion with Mark Suster on his blog commenting on the need for tech-internet VCs to be blogging. It’s just a pity more European VCs aren’t doing this! Must be because they’re too busy investing in start-ups right?! (if only).

  • Thanks David


  • Mark Hindmarsh

    Nice one Nic. 
    Match of the Day next then? Perhaps commentating on Chelsea and their player investment strategy:)
    Speak soon

  • 🙂 hopefully we are learning that big bets can pay off if you are patient…