Apple’s market cap rose 115x under Steve Jobs

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Steve Job’s tenure at Apple has been little short of amazing.  We are all familiar with the run of fantastic products they have released from the iPod through to the iPad (and the as usual the world is desperate for the new iPhone to arrive as soon as possible), but the progression of the business is perhaps the most amazing thing of all.  A lot has been said about Job’s recent resignation as CEO of Apple and until I saw the chart below on Business Insider I wasn’t going to add to it, but 115x value progression in 17 years to briefly become the worlds largest company by market capitalisation is an achievement of breath taking proportions, and I want to call that out.

chart of the day, apple market cap 1996-2011, aug 2011

Regular readers will know that I’m more of an Android than an Apple fan and Job’s resignation doesn’t change that, but I am full of admiration for what he has achieved.

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