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Parody on raising capital in today’s market

By July 21, 2011 3 Comments

For a little amusement this Thursday check this video from Luma Partners which has a parody investment pitch from a DSP company (DSP stands for ‘demand side platform’ and is a category of Adtech business that was super hot last year).  I love the irony that even though no investor wants to invest in a startup that pitches in cliches we do very much want to back the companies which have the substance the cliches imply.  Watch out for the ‘did I say unique’ about two thirds of the way through.

For some reason I can’t get WordPress to embed the video, so you will have to click this Youtube link.

If you have 2.5 mins and want a bit of education on adtech/DSPs coupled with some humour then it is well worth it.

Hat tip to Alex Rahaman for the pointer.