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Eight interesting health oriented startups

By June 20, 2011 2 Comments

For a while now I’ve been predicting that we will see a wave of consumer oriented health startups at some point over the next five years.  At this stage it is difficult to say how big, but I think it will be pretty big as the drivers are powerful.  On the one hand you have increasing demand from an ageing, increasingly affluent and increasingly health aware society and on the other hand you have new technologies and falling costs making novel services possible and affordable for the first time.  Smartphones, ubiquitous networks, cheap sensors and social are the most important technologies.

Rock Health is a new startup accelerator designed to kick start/take advantage of this trend and their inaugural programme launches today.  Eight of their eleven startups are profiled on Techcrunch (strangely not the Rock Health site) and a look at what they do and how they group gives an indication of the sorts of companies that will be at the forefront of this wave.

Home monitoring, diagnosis, self analysis and improvement:

  • Brainbot – help individuals monitor and learn from their brain activity to improve stress management and focus
  • Cellscope – at home diagnosis using smartphone cameras, starting with pediatric ear infections
  • Pipette – allows doctors to monitor and educate patients throughout the course of their care using smartphones and tablets
  • Skimble – mobile health and fitness apps with real and virtual personal trainers


  • Genomera – connects communities of people solving similar health problems, starting with crowd sourced health science
  • HealthInReach – transparent marketplace for healthcare with comments, reviews etc.
  • Omada Health – type 2 diabetes prevention solution that emphasizes community, education, and metrics
  • WeSprout – child health community for parents

Brainbot is the one I’m most looking forward to following.

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