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The Springboard accelerator

I spent a great day today at Jon Brradford‘s Springboard accelerator programme up in Cambridge. They have 10 companies there who are three weeks into what is effectively a three month bootcamp.

A lot of the emphasis so far has been on meetings between the companies and mentors, and that was the case today as well. Each of the teams has now met circa 100 mentors with the idea that they will really hit it off with a few who will then become mentors on a longer term basis.

The meetings were one on one between the mentor and the company and lasted for 20 minutes. I like that format as it gives long enough to properly get into a couple of topics but is short enough that the day felt high tempo. Any shorter than 20 minutes, or with more than one mentor or company and it would have been too short.

I also liked the quality of teams. There was a mix of levels as you’d expect, but overall the level was good. One company, MiniMonos was over from New Zealand and is thinking of moving here. I espescially like that, and I hope they go through with the move.

Without exception the teams are getting a lot out of Springboard which was great to hear.

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