The amazing story of Amazon

By May 12, 2011 3 Comments

I’m a long time admirer of Amazon as a business.  I’ve previously posted videos from Jeff Bezos and written and talked about their incredible track record of innovation.  The first big shift was from simple ecommerce store to a market place – on its own that would be impressive.  But to my mind the achievements of launching market leading products in completely different areas with completely different business models deserve even greater kudos.  I am (of course) thinking about Amazon Web Services and the Kindle.

This slide deck from faberNovel sets out their whole story brilliantly, and I will be very surprised if there isn’t something new in there for even the most dedicated Amazon watcher.

My favourite new fact is that Amazon achieved faster revenue growth than Google, reaching $2.8bn in its first five years compared with Google’s $1.5bn (slide 5).  On the flip side though they did chew through a lot of cash, racking up $3bn in losses from 1995-2003. the Hidden Empire

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